• Cru: A community where the Gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a life long adventure with Jesus Christ.

  • Men's and Women's Times!
    Upcoming events for the 2014-15 year will include camping trips, ice skating, laser tag, trips to Towson sports games, and other enjoyable events to get to know the spiritual walks of fellow Cru members better!

  • Retreats!
    Every year Cru goes on Fall Retreat during October, Radiate around New Years, and Big Break during spring break. Retreats are awesome times to grow in your faith, strengthen your relationships with other Cru members, and learn practical tips on sharing your faith.

  • Sharing
    Every Tuesday from 5-7pm and
    most Thursdays at 11pm at University Union.

  • Community is a key part of the Christian journey. Join a CRU Bible Study today and learn more about the Faith while growing closer to your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!
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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGlx11BxF24

    Still curious what we're about?
    + Check out this awesome video!

  • Intramural Sports!
    Throughout the year Cru offers outdoor and indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball intramural sports teams. The only skill required for you to join is the ability to have fun!

  • Come join us in the Susquehanna Terrace in the University Union every Thursday @ 7:30 for our weekly meeting!

Want to spend your summer spreading God's love?

College life.

One of the best things about college. You get to decide who you hang out with and where you go. Are you going to check out the party scene? Or are you the type of person who hangs out in their dorm whenever possible?

Well, here’s a thought, why not get involved in a student organization that thrives on young people who are interested on meeting other people, socializing in an atmosphere that doesn’t involve beer, and who are in love with Jesus? CRU is a place where you will find real friendships, real community, real passion, and real faith lived out by your fellow students. Towson Cru is a community where the gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a lifelong adventure with Jesus Christ.

So let this be our welcome to Towson University. We’re glad your here! We hope you will come check us out for yourself. You can find us in the Susquhanna Terrace in the University Union every Thursday at 7:30pm. Hope to see you there!